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As a child, I loved playing in the mud and remember making many mud cakes and cookies for my Mom as well as doll clothes, paper dolls, drawings, plaster castings, papier mache mask, etc. I tried fiber art, glass, drawing, etc but when I learned to handbuild in clay, I discovered my medium. Hours can pass in my studio while I try out the myriad of techniques and processes that start with a simple lump of mud. This blog is a means of sharing my work, with it's ups and downs as well as a few of the techniques I've learned.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Summer is finally here!

Summer is supposed to be hot and dry so I hope it gets started soon!  I am going to  be selling my work at the Art Walk on Stephen Avenue Mall on July 7, 2011 along with the awesome work of my sister.  With the weather we've had I am a little worried that we will need to take rain gear along but we have a pop-up market tent so should be great not matter what the weather does.

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