About me

As a child, I loved playing in the mud and remember making many mud cakes and cookies for my Mom as well as doll clothes, paper dolls, drawings, plaster castings, papier mache mask, etc. I tried fiber art, glass, drawing, etc but when I learned to handbuild in clay, I discovered my medium. Hours can pass in my studio while I try out the myriad of techniques and processes that start with a simple lump of mud. This blog is a means of sharing my work, with it's ups and downs as well as a few of the techniques I've learned.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Beyond Show

My kiln is doing overtime getting ready for Beyond Artisans Maketplace at Deerfoot Inn in Calgary on October 28, 29, &30.  This is the first show I've participated in that is more than a day and I am feeling very excited for the challenge!  Here a few photos of some of the new work that I will have at the show and as you can see mugs are my staple lately