About me

As a child, I loved playing in the mud and remember making many mud cakes and cookies for my Mom as well as doll clothes, paper dolls, drawings, plaster castings, papier mache mask, etc. I tried fiber art, glass, drawing, etc but when I learned to handbuild in clay, I discovered my medium. Hours can pass in my studio while I try out the myriad of techniques and processes that start with a simple lump of mud. This blog is a means of sharing my work, with it's ups and downs as well as a few of the techniques I've learned.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Re-visiting dinnerware set, again!

I thought I was on my way to coming up with a workable dinnerware idea but it's not quite right.  A form that moves from square to round almost always yields something very interesting and I've used this idea in some bowls I am pretty fond of.  They are going so well that I charged in and made 4 plates to go with them but although they are OK, they aren't great and should make good salad plates.  Hopefully I will be able to fire a load+ of greenware and glazing will be shortly behind.
This isn't a pic of the dinnerware but is a photo of a wonderful glaze called frogskin that will go on a lot of my work, in fact I find I am making work with this glaze specifically in mind because I like it so much!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Back to work!

After 10 wonderful days of camping in British Columbia, I am full of great ideas and have had my  hands deep in the mud, barely venturing from my studio since arriving home. It does feel wonderful to be creating in clay again and with my glaze palette growing, my imagination is filled with mental pictures of beautifully glazed and perfectly fired pieces.  Whether they live up to my mental images is a matter of some luck and (hopefully) great skill!

The Caribbean ocean is so beautiful and I am on my 3rd incarnation of a wall platter that encapsulates some of that beauty.
The shape and movement of the waves is good but there is too much powder blue, not enough green and I would like to see more crystals in this glaze.  Although I really like the shells, I want them to look only partially submerged in the water.  Rather than scrap this idea as I would have a while ago, taking away only the things I like about this piece and using those components to create a new wall piece, is taking me in an exciting direction I would have missed out on before.

My studio is calling me back, not to mention the 2 shows I've signed up to do this fall so this will be short and sweet.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Summer is finally here!

Summer is supposed to be hot and dry so I hope it gets started soon!  I am going to  be selling my work at the Art Walk on Stephen Avenue Mall on July 7, 2011 along with the awesome work of my sister.  With the weather we've had I am a little worried that we will need to take rain gear along but we have a pop-up market tent so should be great not matter what the weather does.